Monday, 7 February 2011

back! wow what a crazy day.... FYI no i actually didn't get that girls number. But who needs the number when you've already laid some barnacle love down!! Blog 10. Sometimes i think its actually too easy to score chicks. You know how great sports players sometimes handicap themselves in some way, to make the sport harder and more fun, especially when playing with less talented players away from the professional field? Well, that's what i do sometimes. Except i don't play sports (im actually banned from playing Basketball in the USA for fear of everyone else quitting the sport out of shame, true story) and i'm talking about WOMEN. Tall ones, short ones, thin ones, slightly less thin ones (never fat though, c'mon guys), white, latina etc etc etc... but anyway. What was i talking about again? Handicaps. But that is an advanced technique used by only top flight players like myself!

A while ago i challenged myself that until i slept with a woman, i would not remove the disgusting pair of dungarees i had found myself wearing. And do you know what? I did it. Thus proving that such a horrendous handicap cannot stop the heart and mind of a truly focused athlete or in my case, serial womanizer. And this is also why i support the disabled olympics. For they, like myself, prove to the world, who sneers and laughs and says that it is impossible, and cannot be done, that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. and that is the message i would like everyone to take away from this post. I think....

Barnacle x