Tuesday, 8 February 2011

hello everyone! today i am going to share you, the first of my special tips and tricks. Please, dont faint or get too excited, it really is okay. Scoring hotties isn't even that much of a big deal. The problem that i see far too often is complete lack of CONFIDENCE. How are you gonna take home a girl if you can't look her in the eye and you stand mumbling at her looking at your feet? We all know you should be checking out her chest WHAT UP!

But seriously. Its easy. Thats the point of this blog. It is sooo god damn easy!

Rule 1: Always Wear A Suit.
Rule 2: Always Wear A Suit. Seriously. Why wouldn't you? Suits are awesome. Did James Bond wear jeans and a t-shirt? No. He wears Suits. And so should you.

People often ask me "i just don't know if a girl is into me or not, i lose confidence" etc etc. Always assume that a girl is into you. If she isn't, and you just assume she is and act like that, then 9 times out of 10 she will be into you in a matter of minutes. The concept of some being better or worse looking that anyone else is kinda retarded if you think about it. But there are ways to tell if she is picking up on your confident approach.

Does she make any form of contact with you in conversation? She's into you. Yep. Really.
Does she smile at you? Yep... you got it. She's into you. Really.
In a group situation? She's talking really loudly and laughing at everything you say? Yep.... thats right.
She asks if you have a girlfriend? Yep....
She calls you a player or a heartbreaker? I get this one alot.... jackpot! She's into you.
She asks your age?? Yes i am serious. She's into you.

These are what i like to call IOI's or Indicators of Interest. Its pretty common knowledge, have a little search around. Every girl does it. But what is more important is having the confidence, even swagger, to just go and approach a girl in a bar or club out of the blue. This is called a Cold Approach, and is what my next blog post will be about.

Now, your challenge for today readers, is to just go out and talk to a girl. Thats right, stop shaking. Just go out into a bar, a coffee house, a bookstore (kinda lame, but whatever) ANYWHERE and just strike up a conversation with a girl. Act like you are God's Gift to Women. Brad Pitt? Meh, that guys kinda gross. He has nothing on you! Just go and do it, go and talk to a woman. And look out for those IOIs.

Happy Hunting!

Barney x


  1. If I look at her awkwardly from across the room, and she looks at me back and whispers 'ewwww' to her friends. Is she into me?

  2. the only thing better than a suit is a hawaiin shirt with a linen suit jacket
    yeah dawg

  3. I haven't got a suit, apart from my birthday suit, but that's full of creases.

  4. its the clothes that make the man!

  5. I agree, suits are always awesome.